COVID Prevention Alternative to Vaccines

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The newest wrinkle on pandemic corruption is how maximum of the medical and public fitness status quo refuses to accept immunity, acquired thru COVID infection, as equivalent to or even better than the artificial immunity obtained from vaccines.

The reason is straightforward. The extra that natural immunity is established, the greater purpose there may be to reject getting one of the experimental COVID vaccines. Half the USA populace from children to adults probably have immunity from prior infection, despite the fact that maximum in no way suffered any extreme ill outcomes from being infected.

And there absolutely is an ongoing bulldozer over records run via President Biden all of the way via the complete federal and kingdom public fitness device to coerce Americans to get vaccinated.

Their efforts may want to fail if maximum of those with natural immunity acted rationally and determined not to take any of the increasing risks from the experimental vaccines.

No huge cash can be crafted from all people Cure for Heart Attack with natural immunity. For that bonanza for drug organizations to fully materialize natural immunity has to be not noted, disregarded or otherwise discounted and discredited. More terrible science.

Think of the refusal to appreciate herbal immunity comparable to what the government has finished to prevent great use of reasonably-priced generics for early domestic/outpatient COVID remedy that treatments and stops infection. This early motion turned into key for the fulfillment of the wait-for-the-vaccine pandemic approach.

To recognize the overall degree of this modern corruption right here are latest developments and revelations.

On May 19 the FDA issued steerage that genuinely stated “If you haven’t been vaccinated: Be aware that a superb result from an antibody test does no longer imply you’ve got a specific amount of immunity or protection from SARS-CoV-2 contamination.” Antibodies in blood are a simple manner to determine immunity. So, the FDA truely does no longer want people who’ve immunity from prior contamination to apply antibody check effects as a alternative for vaccine certification. If this turned into allowed, then millions of Americans who rightfully fear many poor health impacts from vaccines could have a manner to prove with antibody test effects that they do not want vaccination due to the fact they already have natural immunity. This could substantially lessen the monetary bonanza sought via big drug organizations and facilitated by means of the federal businesses.

The function of FDA is also that antibodies provided by means of the vaccines are superior to the antibodies evolved from being infected with the aid of the virus. In different words, vaccines create antibodies and safety that the ordinary antibodies created by herbal immunity do now not offer. This is fake and horrific technological know-how.