High Tech Walls That Are Easy to Construct and Better Than Wood


Most people do not consider the walls of their homes or the buildings they work in to be major advancements in technology. The walls are simply walls – nothing more, nothing less. But, a wall built in 1902 is different than a wall built in 1954, and the 1954 wall is substantially different than a wall built today. Overtime walls have become stronger and more energy efficient. In fact, recent advancements in the construction of concrete walls are revolutionary. Today, a person can request that their home be built with insulated concrete forms (ICFs). This is the most advanced way to build a home. buku mimpi

The ICF wall systems available to contractors are easy to construct. Precisely engineered and manufactured polystyrene blocks are shipped to a construction site. Because the blocks are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, waste is limited. The blocks are then stacked on top of one another. During the stacking process the blocks are “snapped” into place. This is similar to the way children snap Legos together. As the blocks create the form for the wall, steel rebar supports are inserted. Once the form for the wall is complete concrete is poured into it. As the concrete hardens it seals itself to the polystyrene foam. The structural wall is complete and ready to be finished.It is clear that this new way to construct a house’s wall is better than how walls have been built in the past. If a person cannot see who the winner is in the ICF vs wood competition, he or she must not understand the ease of ICF and the complexity of wood construction. Not only is an ICF wall easier to construct, it is also easier to finish. No vapor barrier is necessary because the concrete is sealed to the foam.